Volunteers are at the core
of our operations and mission

And with 53,000 registered volunteers, AFS continues to face the challenges and opportunities of a changing volunteer workforce.

Volunteers must be mobilized and their involvement structured: Research continues to suggest organizations that effectively engage volunteers are better led, more adaptable, and capable of going to scale.


How we created the Volunteer Engagement System

Modeled after AFS Intercultura’s “Animatori”, this system helps structure volunteer management to assure great and constant volunteer development.

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Why do AFS Network Partners need a formal system for engaging volunteers?

83% of volunteers believe they could benefit from more infrastructure (training, resources, mentoring, support, recognition, and coordination). The tasks performed by AFS volunteers to deliver our programs and our brand promise require consistency and thus coordination.

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The Role of the Volunteer Development Department

Having a solid team is key to enhance your volunteers’ experience. Discover the proper structure to coordinate and manage volunteers and chapters.

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Tools to Implement the System

Implementing a complex management system is no small feat! We’ve created a series of tools to help you in the process.

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Locate where you are

Are you interested on implementing the system but don’t know where to start? Learn which steps and research must be done for successful volunteer engagement.

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