So you’re ready to focus on maximizing the potential positive impact of your volunteers. Where do you begin?

Use this section as a guide to starting the transformation of your volunteer operations.


Minimum Criteria to Implement the System

  • At least 1 dedicated staff to volunteer development not involved in programs or support.
  • Ideally one or more staff working in the field in collaboration with the volunteers.
  • Develop a Volunteer Development Action Plan with specific goals for the year.
  • Invest time and financial resources into the hiring of dedicated volunteer development staff and field trips to chapters.

Volunteer Engagement System Checklist

We’ve created an organized document to help you implement the system and grow your volunteer operations.


Assessment Tool

The self-assessment tool was created to help you get a general overview of the state of Volunteer Development in your organization. It’s a simple and quick to fill chart that provides key information for decision making.

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