The Volunteer Development department is in charge of empowering volunteers. Coordinating and managing volunteers and chapters, as well as developing strategies for growth are key to moving the AFS mission forward. To improve your volunteers’ experience ensure your organization is following the Volunteer Journey


Job Descriptions

We’ve created a series of descriptions for the Volunteer Development Department. These are the basis for strengthening volunteer work in AFS. Our goal is to promote internal discussion about these different roles and how to integrate them into the existing structure

We know that no two Partners are the same! Each Partner should use these Job Descriptions according to their own realities and needs, adjusting and adapting the content in a way that makes sense for their organization.

The Volunteer Field Coordinator

What skills and knowledge are necessary to be a successful Volunteer Coordinator? We’ve created a short list to guide you in the hiring process.

Training for Volunteer Management Staff

For the project to be successful, we need to invest resources into staff capacity. That’s why along with this initiative, we will release a comprehensive online Volunteer Management Training in early 2020. The training will cover general concepts on volunteer development, the volunteer lifecycle, team engagement, and more!

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