Why a Volunteer Toolkit?

Anyone who has been part of ensuring volunteers have a positive impact on their communities understands this does not happen in isolation. We need support in the form of trainings, tools, manuals, guides and human resources to oversee the Volunteer experience. Below you will find a series of resources to help you manage the paths of your volunteers.

What will I find in the Toolkit?


The Volunteer Journey

Every volunteer goes through different stages. Learn how to take advantage of those moments to increase engagement by helping your volunteers have a meaningful experience.

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Community Development Toolkit

Strong local units are key to increase the AFS footprint. Discover here what steps are needed to open new AFS Units and discover tools that will help you strengthen your local communities.

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Volunteer Engagement System

A comprehensive and adaptable system to help you improve the experience of your volunteers.

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Offering high-quality training opportunities to your volunteers help them gain skills and knowledge that will benefit them and our organization.

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volunteer survey

Volunteer Survey and Evaluation

Created to measure volunteer engagement and motivation, the survey helps map the state of AFS volunteering and locate what needs to be done to improve the volunteer experience.

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volunteer management

Volunteer Management Blog

The latest trends on Volunteer Development, successful practices from AFS Network Organizations and tips to create a better Volunteer Management Strategy.