written by Milica Jaric (Particpant from Serbia)

It is already 6th month of my program and I am satisfied and happy! I think it is the most important thing during an exchange program. One of the thing is because I am really happy and grateful with my host family. I can feel love in the house, I can feel the care they have for me every day. I can feel happiness, comfortable, and peaceful when I am with them.

In my life, I haven’t met someone (my host family) who can be calm even if something serious happen. I like it when people stay strong, positive and calm also in difficult and awkward situations. They take care of me like of their own child, prepare the best Filipino food, provide me to the best places and share their love and time with me.

My first month was difficult with them because of religion differences. But looking on the bright side, It taught me to be more patient, more smarter, more polite and on the way to become more of an adult, not just daddy’s girl who has everything. Because life is not easy and we cannot have always what we want. But I am prepared to learn new things for the remaining 4 months.

Anyway, they makes my days better and more fun. I am grateful and really happy with my members of host family. Even if I didn’t say to them, but I really love them!