written by Mrs. Ruth Peligrino, Host Family

This is my third time that I hosted an AFS exhange students. a Belgian Boy — Arto de Graef, and an Italian girl — Giulia Fondacaro, as well as an AFS Volunteer German guy — Marco Liebe.

Since I belong to the academe, I am exposed to different people, maybe that is the reason why I did not hesitate when I was approached if I want to host an AFSer. However, I also open this up to my family most especially my children. This is really necessary since every one plays a role in accepting whole heartedly an AFS into our home. This can likewise prevent misunderstanding and jealousy.  There are ups and down in hosting, however, I can assure anyone that it is not about the food and accommodation. Because these children, they already program in their minds on their individual adjustments in the new environment.  They eat anything and they sleep anywhere. What they need to experience is the exceptional love and care that only Filipino family possessed. Believe me, we Filipinos love differently, just try and see. This love sometimes overwhelms an AFS, to the extent that they went to have their own way of loving, freedom, and even independence.

Misunderstandings may arise, but after this, a renewed love and understanding will reappear. This feels like a part of renewing process into having deeper understanding of each culture, and relationship.  And now,  I built solid family relationship with my host children and their family. They are secured on my love to them forever.I know also, that I have a special soft spot somewhere in their heart.