written by Mr. Ariel Garcia, Host Family

Hello there! We are the Garcia family, host family of AFS exchange student Lucie Depré from Belgium. Having had an enjoyable intercultural learning experience hosting for the first time 3 years ago, we jumped at the opportunity to do it again. We love sharing all the interesting things about Filipino culture with Lucie – through food, language, traditions, and traveling around Kalibo and other towns nearby.

Lucie got to try Pinoy spaghetti, lumpia (her favorite), lechon, and other fiesta favorites! Speaking of fiestas, we won’t forget to mention the Ati-Atihan festival where we had a lot of fun dancing in the streets with friends and family, lots of eating, and getting to try Filipino beer.

Lucie’s home country is famous for beer and we’re happy to know that she loves our beer too. We bring Lucie to beaches, waterfalls, and other natural wonders so she can cherish her stay in her second home, the Philippines.