written by Alixandra Pelmin, Participant to USA

Hi! This is Alixandra A. Pelmin and I am currently hosted here in Tifton, Georgia. My host family, the Kemeraits, are one of the blessings I have ever received during my stay here in the US. They are really one of a kind and being hosted in a family with a lot of achievements made me nervous but at the same time lucky.

My host dad, Tito Bob, is a plant pathologist in a university here in Tifton, a sweet husband, and a good father. He taught me a lot of things and that includes religion, and also the differences between American and Filipino culture.

Tita Pam, my host mom, is a botanist, she is very supportive and always giving me pieces of advice. She taught me a lot about etiquette and plants.

My host brother, Jimmy, is a sophomore (like me) and an achiever. Aside from that, He plays trombone and piano. Though he is a very talented person most of the time he is quiet.

And last but not the least, Perrine, my host sister. She is an international affairs student at a university in Atlanta and also an achiever. I really like her company. Like Jimmy, she also plays piano and also she gave me advices about school.

We went on a lot of trips together, enjoy doing things. My host family is very appreciative, and I really felt their love for me especially when they ate my burnt cookies and brownies even when I told them not to eat it.

Being hosted in this family is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I know that I’ll cherish every moment I have with them”.