written by Charles Caunan, Participant to USA

In the past 6 months, I experienced many things and do a lot of fun activities. I really enjoyed the beauty and the cold weather of Washington. While I am enjoying my exchange year, I learned a lot of lessons which I can apply to my entire life. This journey is a life changing and I am excited about other things that will come in my remaining days.

One of my biggest achievement is being part of Boy Scout of America. We do a lot of campings and community service which taught me how to become a responsible person. I am also part of Key club and we did many fun activities. Because of these youth groups, I got an idea on how to start helping my community back home. I am so excited to implement my plans and do some actions to make it possible.

I am also enjoying our activities in PAX. We travel a lot and do some games with other exchange students. I am so grateful that I am part of an active cluster.

My host family is one of the best because they are so kind to me and they want me to have a good exchange year. They are very supportive in all of my plans and they help me every time I am confused about school stuff. I am so blessed to be in this kind of family.

As an Ambassador of Goodwill, I am proud to say that I did my very best to present our country in different activities like International Education Week, International Cultural Show, and more.

Thank you so much KL-YES for letting me experience this kind of opportunity to develop my skills and learn from people around the world”.