The Philippine Intercultural Youth Convention 2018 last September 22 and 23, 2018 at the Great Eastern Hotel showcased well experienced speakers from different sectors of the society as well as different tribes and cultural groups in the country.

Participants were also lucky to be graced by the presence of former DENR secretary, Ms. Gina Lopez, who eagerly shared her environmental advocacies while communicating her goals of “Area Development” in the Philippines. Ms. Lopez emphasized on the idea of LOVE to further strengthen the growing economy of the Philippines. She said, “it is not the infrastructure, neither the government who will make our economy great; it is our people.”

When we focus on the strengths of the various regions and localities we have in the country, then we would be able to reach great heights. Thus, according to her, we must learn to value our national treasure and resources. We should not kill our Social Fabric by sending our man power abroad.

Furthermore, Mr. Elmer Albacete, DepEd’s Senior Education Program Specialist, represented AFS Philippines and talked about the significance of diversity. He prepared a very insightful presentation which made participants realized how they price themselves as Filipinos, and yet is still not that familiar with its history and various tribes. Mr. Albacete gave them the chance to review their “being Filipino”: to study history and greatly appreciate diversity.

Aside from the talks, other activities also allowed the participants to widen their knowledge about culture. The break out sessions as well as the Cultural Night is something that the participants enjoyed. The Manobo tribe, DSWD Beneficiaries, Korean Cultural Center Representatives, as well as representatives of other groups were able to showcase their talents during the PIYC 2018.