AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines is pleased to announce the opening of the applications for the next cycle of the Marching J Scholarship Program for batch 2018. This program was established by the Johnny & Associates, Inc. and its group companies. Marching J Scholarship Program is aiming to invite high school students from countries devastated by earthquake, typhoon, flood and or tsunami and to extend approximately one year for study in Japan.

This program has been founded immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake. So that the name of this program means “Remember the Earthquake of 11th March” and “Marching toward tomorrow in hope”. Marching J Scholarship Program hope that scholarship student will learn dearly about

Marching J Scholarship Program hopes that scholarship student will learn dearly about Japanese culture, make friends during their stay in Japan and continue to keep good communications with Japanese people directly or indirectly over a long period after they have returned to their countries.


  1. Philippine citizen residing in the Philippines at the time of application, selection and preparation for travel; Birthdate must be between April 2, 2000 – April 1, 2003
  2.  Currently enrolled in a public/private junior or senior high school and is among the top 25% of academic performance in grade level; graduating senior high school (Grade 12) students are not eligible to apply.
  3.  Demonstrated leadership potential in school and/or community
  4.  Have an equivalent of a B average or better without failing grades
  5.  Have not completed more than 11 years of primary education nor received a high school diploma (senior high school) by the start of the program.
  6. Sufficiently healthy to participate.
  7.  Committed to cultural immersion in Japan through a home-stay experience.
  8. Able to meet cross-cultural challenges with maturity, humor and an open mind.


1. Application form downloadable at; filled-up with passport size ID photo.

2. Photocopy of most recent Form 137 or transcript of records from Philippine high school.

3. Photocopy of school ID or valid government ID.


All applications must be received by AFS PHI on or before July 31, 2017 – 13:00. All documents must be sent by mail or courier to:


AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines

Unit 1607 16/F Antel Global Corporate Center

NO. 3 Doña Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center

1600 Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone: +63 2 584 2002


E-mail address: [email protected]

Marching J – Application Form


  1.  All applications must be submitted to the AFS PHI office as hard copies. There will be no online submission of applications.
  2. Applicants must submit only the photocopies of original documents. AFS PHI will not be responsible in sending back original copy.
  3. AFS PHI will announce (and will notify) ONLY the semifinalists starting by the 2nd to 3rd week of August. Only semifinalists are invited to the interviews during the month of August to September.