The AFS IPP National Director Ms. Armieyah Ayob shared the importance of embodying Global Competence for the future Entrepreneurs and Innovators planning to get employed and accepted in a multinational corporation around the world.

This happened during the Entrepreneurship + Technology Innovation (ENTECH) Summit 2018 last April 23 at the FEU Mini-Auditorium organized by Entrepreneurship Club – the leading business organization of Far Eastern University – Manila.

With the theme “Inspiring Purposeful Innovation for Social Good,” the event discussed the impact of technology innovation and new media on business startups and social enterprises through plenary discussions and breakout sessions.

Ms. Ayob quoted that in the era of the Millenials, having a Good GPA as well as having an ample training ground experiences of working in a multicultural environment both in the Philippines and abroad creates technical and power skills leading to Global Competitive Advantage.

Furthermore, she added three key points in the session; that in AFS, IQ plus EQ and CQ (Cultural Quality) results to success; In Education, there must be an Investment in attaining Comparative skills; and the third is, Entrepreneurship is not only the reason to be sustainable and to attain the development of the country but as also bridging the gap amongst the Filipino community towards globalization by simply learning the country’s culture as your comparative advantage.