There are 365 days in a year and every day we experience and meet something new. However, we know that despite life’s uncertainties there is always one thing that would remain constant in every single moment we spend on this earth – our Mother’s love.

As a tribute of AFS Philippines to our beloved nanay, ina, mommy, mama, or whatever we call our mothers, 365 orange roses were given around certain locations in Metro Manila. Orange is a symbol of passion and enthusiasm and with this, AFS have seen it as the best color that could embody our mother’s character who are very dedicated and relentless in doing their mission to guide and love their children wholeheartedly. AFS volunteers, staff, and even exchange students gathered around major center points in Makati, Taguig, Ortigas, and Quezon City to surprise and show our love to all the mothers out there.

365 roses symbolizes every single day our mothers have acted as our mentor, our best friend, and our best buddy. As the volunteers gave out a single stem of rose, a smile that serves as a year’s worth of happiness have shone on the mother’s faces. It was AFS’ mission to show gratitude to all the mothers in the Philippines but it is us, AFS, that felt the warm love as they received our simple gift. One thing is for sure, mothers really are unique in many different ways, but whoever they are or however they lead the family, children must always understand and be patient with their ways because after all “we are nothing without her.”