by Almira Udjan

Time runs really fast.

Youth Exchange and Study students from Batch 2017-2018 came home after a life-changing experience in the United States. They all gathered in their Re-entry Orientation after 10 months. Everybody was very eager to see their friends and family. Most of them were sad from leaving the people that became close to their hearts. 

That is why AFS really made sure that during our Re-entry Orientation, volunteers and alumni would enjoy all the activities and sessions. 

They oriented the students about the scenarios that are often encountered by previous students – reverse homesickness was one of them. They also shared alumni opportunities for the students which is a big help for the students for future projects in their home community. In fact, the facilitators of the orientation made it more fun by doing games with the students. Everybody had a smile on their faces and enjoyed the rest of the day. Meanwhile, students gave messages to the people that has been part of their exchange year. 

The re-entry ended by saying heartfelt goodbyes. The student bid farewells to everybody specially their fellow exchanges students as they separate ways. 

This is definitely a new chapter of their life and the re-entry orientation made the students cope up with challenges that they will face in the near future.