The Pre-Departure Orientation was a series of workshop wherein students are equipped with learnings and virtues that they will be needed during their stay in the United States. The 5-day orientation includes the Commission of Foreign Affairs (CFO) Orientation, proper Pre-Departure Orientation, and a half-day tour of the Malacañang Palace and museum.

During the orientation, a series of topics tackled about empathy, motivation and goals, and rules and regulations. Empathy speaks about how a single “empathetic act” can be a start of a worldwide change. Motivations and goals serve as the fuel in keeping the fire burning. Rules and regulations act as a guideline so that students become a more effective learner during the duration of the exchange year.

Leaving your home country at a young age for an exchange study is not an easy task but a challenge to take since it is expected to make students be ready to be the agents of youth peace as global citizens.