The Filipino Language Camp for YES Abroad Participants was held last October 15-19. During the said event, students were taught the basics of the Filipino Language by an instructor from Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) Cavite. Various activities were also conducted in order to enhance the speaking and listening skills of the students.

On the first day, participants were given an initial test determining the level of their knowledge in the Filipino Language, after having spent three months during their exchange year in the Philippines. The next day focused mainly on building up the reading and writing skills of the students, using worksheets for exercise. They were also given a task wherein they were assigned to interpret the meaning of a Filipino song. The third day started off with the students’ presentation of their assigned song, beginning with how they interpreted the song and ending it with singing their own version of the song. To cap off the exercise of their listening skills, participants were shown the Filipino movie, “That Thing Called Tadhana.” As a final test, the students wrote their own autobiographies in the Filipino Language focusing on their lives in the Philippines.

After learning the basics of the Filipino language, participants were brought to the Presidential Museum and Library and Fort Santiago for them to appreciate the Filipino culture and history. In particular, they were interested in the lives of Filipinos during the Colonial Period of the country.