written by Lucie Depré (participant from Belgium)

First of all, with my foster family ? ? ?, I traveled a weekend to Boracay as you certainly could see it! This is one of the most beautiful beaches ? from the Philippines ?? even from the whole world ?


I also visited ancient who is at 2 am from home where you can see paddy, river, waterfall ?,..

And Jawili, Aklan another town near me.

Then with my Filipino friends ?, I went back to spend a vacation with my best friend Jonah to Boracay ? (we don’t get tired of it) I’m also gone with three class buddies in Buruanga, Aklan where I climbed the mountains ? and also enjoy the beach ? from Hinugtan, Boracay.

I also made a trip with some exchange students. I started in the city of Batangas where I joined another Belgian ?? Marie-Elise ?. Then we all went to Bohol and Cebu ?.

I’ll put you the pictures ? and you’ll find out for yourself that it’s really very beautiful.

The Philippines ?? are really a beautiful country, I think this is one of the best choices I could make by coming here. This experience has taught me so much and certainly changed me. I’ll enjoy my last month to visit a max. And I hope to come back one day of course. ?

Thank you so much for following me this week! Hope I gave you the urge to come to the Philippines ??