It is an educational program offered as online learning and live training for our 18+ participants to help achieve the goals of self-awareness, awareness about others, emotional intelligence, and bridges across differences. This curriculum serves as the basis for further individual and group reflection and experimentation during live training components, with extended support for implementation before-during-after the program. It is a valuable contribution to our mission of developing intercultural competence and building on cultural adjustment skills to create a more just and peaceful world.

The GCC can be undertaken by anyone for example University Students, Professionals as well as teachers. GCC helps to understand people from other culture and different background better, thus building confidence and motivating a person when working in a multicultural environment.

GCC certified personals tend to handle multicultural/ international business more effectively compared to other people.

GCC & Educational Goals

The GCC content was designed to meet key educational goals to help learners develop intercultural competence and deal with cultural adjustment. These goals are organized into four core areas:

  • Increase cultural self-awareness through reflecting on their own personal and cultural experience as citizens in local to global contexts.
  • Identify and understand how cultural groups have shaped their characteristic ways of feeling, perceiving, thinking, and behaving.
  • Analyze and reflect on power relations, privilege, and inequality.

Sending Programs

If you’re an Indian participant above the age of 18 and would like to participate on Sentio programs, please check out the available programs below:

  1. Bachelors Program (Management) in Germany
  2. Masters Program (Management) in Germany
  3. Community College Program in USA
  4. Bachelors in Management Program in Belgium
  5. Semester/Year Program in several countries.
Program Duration

6 months for Semester Program to 4 years for a Bachelor Program

  1. Cross Cultural Solutions | United States of America
  2. EI Centre d`Echanges Internationaux | France
  3. Celtic English Academy | United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  4. Canadian Language Learning College | Toronto, Canada
  5. Global Vision International | United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  6. Global Experiences | United States of America
  7. Istituto Formazione Operatori Aziendali | Italy
  8. IES Abroad | United States of America
  9. The Intern Group | United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland