written by Christopher Yap, Participant to Turkey

Being on an exchange, I found out that strength and determination are needed to tame the rising tides of the raging waters which are easier said than done, but one must remember that no man is an island because while I’m doing my exchange, I have my fellow exchangers with me in facing the challenges in living abroad.

Together we’ve established trust with each other, exercise the value of teamwork in order to work as one cohesive unit, and also, acquired tolerance against negativity from every obstacle we have been through.

From feasting our eyes on treasures we’ve discovered to facing those rough stormy nights together, I can say that being with them makes me feel like I’m in good company because we treat each other like a family that continues to grow and remain strong. We set sail and prepare ourselves for an adventure of a lifetime with this goal in mind: enjoy our journey together abroad and make all hands on deck.