How do you define the roles and tasks for the new AFS Unit?

The size of the new unit is key to understand what roles will be implemented first; a new group just needs the basics roles. Define with them a structure that will move the unit forward, don’t impose it and be open to new ideas!


Suggestions for Roles and Tasks in a New Unit

  • Limit the tasks they are responsible for, to not overwhelm them.
  • Define achievable deadlines.
  • Find out what they want to do and define with them the right task for each volunteer.
  • Task and Roles should include challenges that build on skills the volunteer already has while allowing them to develop further.
  • For each role, it’s important to have a job description so they can have a clear picture of what is expected from them.

Next Steps to Open a Local Unit:

  1. Step 5: Support and Training

  2. Step 6: Make Strategic Partnership

  3. Step 7: Recognize the New AFS Units