How do I define achievable goals that engage the new AFS Unit volunteers?

Monitor, support and celebrate every step the new AFS unit takes to motivate them to move to the next goal. Be flexible to adjust the goals or timeline, based on their current reality.


Start by mapping the current reality

  • How many interested volunteers there are?
  • Is it the first time AFS is present in the city?
  • Any previous stakeholders: schools, like-minded organizations?

Work with them to define goals based on their current reality:


Short Term Goals

Events to create visibility, offering trainings to the new volunteers and recruitment.


Medium Term Goals

Recruitment of 1 host family or/and 1 sending student to run AFS operations.


Long Term Goal

Have the minimum requirements for the unit to be recognized in your organization.

Next Steps to Open a Local Unit:

  1. Step 3: Identify the Right Leadership

  2. Step 4: Define Clear Roles and Tasks

  3. Steps 5: Support and Training