It's time for your volunteer to receive their first task!

Volunteers should, as soon as possible, discuss ‘career path’ options with their local chapters. The assessment process begins with an initial conversation with the local chapter to discuss the skills and strengths the new volunteer is able to contribute, as well as which skills and knowledge they would like to gain, and motivations and interest(s) in volunteering with AFS.

In addition, an orientation to volunteering with AFS provided at the local or regional level would provide an overview of the organization, volunteer career path options, as well as emphasizing the possibility of creating new pathways based on volunteers’ interests.

It is important to take into consideration a volunteer’s availability for AFS tasks and responsibilities, as well as AFS’s needs for tasks and roles to be filled.

Check out AFS-USA's video about Roles and Responsibilities:

Steps to Consider

  • What type of volunteer interest assessment does your local chapter conduct currently? How are the results of this assessment used?
  • What are the roles and tasks that currently need to be filled in your local chapter? What are the skills and knowledge that these roles require?
  • Do you have feedback from your volunteers regarding their happiness with their assigned tasks and/or roles? If so, what do they like/dislike and how can you adapt the role assignment process to accommodate the necessary changes?
  • If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above questions, how can you develop these elements? How soon can they be implemented?

Let's design a job description!

We created the main categories of a good enough job description. Could you choose an AFS role or task and develop it? Is anything missing? The rule here is making it simple and clear. If you want to attract good people, potential volunteers need to know what they are getting out of their volunteering experience.

The following Stages of Participation:

  1. Training

  2. Feedback

  3. Recognition

  4. Leadership Development