These are my Words for you to Hear

A famous author once said, “The Republic of the Philippines is a rich country pretending to be poor.” Our country has an abundant natural resources which at times is incomparable to another country. However, these resources could never be enough to support the development of country without it being used and utilized properly. Sadly, just like an interesting movie, that is our plot twist.


Breaking Stereotypes of the World

Germans are cold and direct. Russians are always angry. Italians are all pasta and noise. Filipinos are nothing more than Asians born from Spanish colonialism. These are all stereotypes – a misconception formed from the various views of the history of a certain country or bloodline.


AFS IPP One with the Launching of S.M.I.L.E Project and the Rehabilitation of Marawi

The University of the Philippines (UP) Institute of Islamic Studies in partnership with Research Association for Islamic Social Sciences, Inc. (RAIS), Center for Integrated Development Studies – Islamic Studies Program..


More than 60 Foreign Participants Completed their Cultural Exchange in the Philippines

After a year of immersing into the Filipino culture and living far away from home to experience the #AFSeffect, students from different countries graduated from the program and returned to their home countries


365 Roses for the Mother's Day

There are 365 days in a year and every day we experience and meet something new. However, we know that despite life’s uncertainties there is always one thing that would remain constant in every single moment we spend on this earth – our Mother’s love.


Five Reasons Why Global Citizenship Education Should be Part of Your Curriculum

As the era of globalization takes place, the world makes everyone closer and promotes higher demand of global interactions. We meet people from different places with unique skills, talents, and personal advocacy.


YES Alumni calls for Peace in MaguindaNOW

A group of young leaders from Mindanao are paving their way to build a mentally healthier Philippines through their various projects directly concerning the affected areas of Maguindanao.


Slice of Life from Marinduque: Living with the Lagar Family

My name is Sébastien Merel and I am a French Canadian from Quebec. For one month, I had the chance to be a member of the Lagar – a Filipino family in the island of Marinduque. It was an experience that I will never forget.


GENSAN Youth Leaders celebrates Global Youth Service Day

Celebrating the youth service day across the globe commemorates the historical efforts of millions of young people – children and youth who dynamically improved their communities through service.


AFS IPP attends ENTECH Summit 2018

The AFS IPP National Director Ms. Armieyah Ayob shared the importance of embodying Global Competence for the future Entrepreneurs and Innovators planning to get employed and accepted in a multinational corporation around the world.


Northern Mindanao Community shares the benefits of hosting Exchange students

For the past five years, AFS IPP has been instrumental in uniting students from different parts of the globe alongside with the volunteers, host families and schools across the region of Northern Mindanao.


Celebrating Global Impact

Last March 18-25, 2018 the AFS Intercultural Program Philippines participated in the AFS-USA Intercultural Programs Conference – ECA Sponsored Workshop which is held in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.


The AFSeffect Event

On its mission of empowering citizens from across the globe and cultivating intercultural learning, the AFS IPP conducts its three-day YES and Jenesys Program Coordinators Training and workshop this April 13-15, 2018 at The Linden Suites Hotel, Pasig City.


Never a Year Lost!

Time really flies but still looks like yesterday when I am carrying an exaggerated amount of luggage and took a flight with other exchange students to get here which is literally on the other side of the world.


“I am an exchange student.”

Every time these words leave my mouth I am filled with a sense of joy and pride. To be able to call yourself an exchange student, to be included in a community – more than that, a family – that extends worldwide, to be part of a cause much larger than yourself – who wouldn’t be proud to call themselves an exchange student?


Expanding Intercultural opportunities through AFS School Club

The start of 2018 has offered a lot of opportunities for AFS Philippines to widen its network among communities and schools around the country by officially implementing the new strategy of establishing AFS School Club.


A vision for Marinduque – AGREA

My name is Sébastien and I am an IT man from North America. I wanted to do my part as a global citizen by doing something concrete. I wanted to help other people, not only by giving money to a non-profit organization to give me good consciousness. I had this chance last January 2018, and I left the cold snow of winter in Canada. Now I’ve reached Marinduque.


Team Maguindanao Launches Peace of Mind Project 2.0

The Peace of Mind Project 2.0, in partnership with the Child Protection Committee of the Department of Education- ARMM, was successfully launched last January with the Training of Trainers. The training was attended by the core team, volunteers, and the six high school teachers from the partner schools in Maguindanao.


P.E.A.C.E. Program Launched

In 2016, the European Federation for Intercultural Learning (EFIL) and AFS Asia and the Pacific Initiative (AAI) worked together in developing a program proposal referred to as Global Citizenship Trimester Program (GCTP), which obtained the approval and funding support of the European Commission Erasmus+


From Dresden to Marinduque: learning to see through the eyes of a farmer

I am a twenty-year-old German girl from Dresden and I have been a volunteer at AGREA for five months now (since February 2017). I am based in Marinduque where most of my time is spent at the AGREA Model Farm. There, I have been helping out the farmers and growing my own crops.


AFS Participants Joins a Legacy Camp on Positive Leadership to Power Sustainable Change

The AFS IPP Negros Occidental participants namely Elias Vandenbulcke from Belgium Flanders, Nao Endo from Japan, Isadora Bosi Campelo from Brazil, Daniele Fabris, Mattia Santoro, and Simone Sparapani from Italy, joined the Legacy Camp — Wave 4


AFS RMTU Leads a Community Outreach Project

The AFS Ramon Magsaysay Technology University (AFS-RMTU) school club successfully conducted a community outreach project in the lahar-laden area of Botolan, Zambales


AFS Philippines in collaboration with ICARE in promoting Intercultural Learning

AFS Philippines’ 18+ Program is starting to make its way to become one of the sought-after organization that promotes volunteerism, global education and intercultural learning through various programs for young adults, professionals, and educators.


AFS IPP to Establish School Clubs Nationwide

In 2016, the AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines (AFS IPP) Board of Trustees, chapter representatives to the board of trustees and staff convened to discuss the state of the organization after 60 years.


So Much to Learn and Discover

It’s been a little over two months since I packed up my bags in Brooklyn and departed for the Philippines.Since then, I’ve learned to live with a new family, to ride in jeepneys, to make bruschetta and antipasto, to use more Tagalog words and phrases, and, most importantly, to navigate the ins and outs of Filipino life.



For sixty years, AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines (AFS IPP) has surmounted challenges and celebrated milestones in pursuit of its mission to provide intercultural learning opportunities to Filipino communities.


BEING SET-UP FOR SUCCESS: AAI Program & Standards Guideline Seminar

AFS Asia Pacific Initiative (AAI) members from China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea and the Philippines gathered at the AAI Program & Standards Guideline Seminar in Manila last August 21-26, 2017.


It's Saturday Night Fever!

Our 60th Anniversary of providing Intercultural Learning opportunities was held at Makati Shangri-La on the 26th of August 2017. It is within our hopes that we have provided a fun-filled learning experience.


Europeans arrive in PH to learn Filipino culture

On the 15th of September 2017, marked the beginning of the reputable life changing and revitalizing journey of three foreign participants who decided to choose Philippines as their destination.