Transforming volunteers into leaders of the organization

AFS’s organizational structure allows all volunteers the chance to achieve a leadership position. To prepare people for these roles, there should be a clear pathway to leadership roles and a process for voicing one’s interest in pursuing this direction.

Leadership trainings and instructional materials currently exist. Although specific qualities and characteristics should be determined at the Partner level, some Network standards include:

  1. Passion for the AFS mission
  2. Long-term vision for the organization
  3. Participation in multiple roles within AFS

Check out how the Leadership Development program has affected AFS Ghana's volunteers experience:

Steps to Consider

How do we create effective volunteer leaders?

  • What leadership development opportunities currently exist in your organization and/or region? Do you have trainings, mentoring and/or instructional materials?
  • How could you organize your current development opportunities into a formal career pathway? What elements are missing to make it a complete preparation sequence?
  • Can your Partner organization meet the training needs? Does it have enough leadership roles for all of the interested volunteers? If not, could your organization partner at a regional level to fulfill one or both of those needs? 
  • What leadership opportunities could you profile for the different motivational drivers? Below are some possible examples:

The following Stages of Participation:

  1. Playground & Laboratory

  2. Assessment and Data Collection

  3. Retention