What is Asia Kakehashi Project +?

The Asia KAKEHASHI Project+ is a continuation of the initiative launched by Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in 2018 to strengthen relations between Japan and the rest of Asia. This cultural exchange program aims to offer full scholarships to high school students from Asia, as well as selected countries in North America and Europe, enabling them to study and live in Japan for a semester or an entire academic year. Recipients of this scholarship will have the opportunity to enhance their global competence skills and gain insights into Japan and other countries through a combination of school/dormitory and home-stay experiences.

  • It is a full scholarship funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to build bridges between high school students in Japan and in Asia.
  • This scholarship provided opportunities for Asian high school students to study and be culturally immersed in Japan for 4 months.
  • Selected students will study in a Japanese high school while staying with a host family or in a school dormitory.
  • The other main goal of this program is to expose Asia high school students to Japanese culture, local communities, and industries and as well as Japanese high school students to Asian students.


Name of Program: Asia KAKEHASHI Project
Country: Japan
Program Type: Government Fully-Funded Scholarship
Program Duration: 4 months
Program Start Date: August 2024
Program End Date: December 2024
Placement: Japanese High School and Host Family
Deadline of Application: February 26, 2024 at 11:59 PM

Note: Program dates are subject to change

Asia KAKEHASHI Project (Memorandum for 2023-24)

To all interested applicants, apply through this link: AFS Global Link.


  1. Accomplished AFS Global Link Online Application Form. Online application link. When creating an online application form make sure students apply for the Asia Kakehashi Project/Kakehashi Project
  2. AFS Global Link Application Checklist
    ● 2×2 ID size photo with white background (selfies will not be accepted)
    ● Complete Personal Information, Home Address, Affiliation
    ● Family background and AFS connection
    ● Educational Background
    ● Health & Lifestyle *please be informed that this is different from health certificate that only chosen finalist are required to submit
    ● Emergency Information (Parents/Siblings are NOT considered. Kindly choose different Emergency person such as aunts, grandparents, school guidance counselor, etc)
    ● Accomplished Parents Statement & Parents Authorization Forms (must can be downloaded/found on your AFS Global Link account)
    ● Academic Record & Transcript (A school official must certify that the
    grades indicated in this form are correct by affixing a school seal or stamp and their signature.)
    ● Photocopy of Authenticated PSA Birth Certificate (NSO will not be accepted)
    ● Essay Form (#1-#3 can be handwritten or typewritten, for #4 answer must be HANDWRITTEN only) Please take note that application forms with INCOMPLETE information and requirements will not be accepted.
Apply here!

More Information

➔ Filipino citizens residing in the Philippines, at the time of application, selection, and
preparation for travel, must have spent more than 50% of the last 5 years in the
Philippines and with current family plans of returning to the Philippines after the
➔ Between 15 and 18 years of age, born after April 2, 2006 and before April 1, 2009;
➔ No previous travel to Japan for either leisure/another scholarship
➔ Be among the top 25% of academic performance in grade level.
➔ Obtained minimum of 60% marks in principle in all subjects in the latest examination at
school and overall minimum average of 60% marks in all subjects for the past two years;
(Grades from school year 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024 – at least for the 1st or 2nd
grading period must be indicated in Academic Record & Transcript)
➔ Learners of Japanese. Participants for the Japanese speech contests are encouraged to
apply and have priority for the selection (Students must send or upload proof of speech
contest awards along with the academic records & transcript form)
➔ Strong academic and social skills, openness, and flexibility.
➔ Sufficiently healthy to participate in the program.
➔ Committed to cultural immersion in Japan through a homestay or dormitory experience.
➔ Able to meet cross-cultural challenges with maturity, humor, and an open mind.
➔ Plans to share his/her experience with his/her home and community upon return.
➔ Demonstrate strong potential of leadership to act as a bridge between the Philippines
and Japan during and after the program; and
➔ Must have not participated in the ASIA KAKEHASHI program before.

Note: Priority will be given to the students of families with low income

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: Applicants must accomplish the AFS Global Link Application and submit the required documents. For more information, please refer to “Requirements” section above