Program Duration is from August 2019 – March 2020.

AFS is currently offering a scholarship for High School year program 2019-2020, from August 2019 – March 2020, in Japan under the Asia KAKEHASHI Project. This program aims to develop the motivation of local students to study abroad and gain global competence. Participants will live with host families to further expose them with Japan’s culture and everyday norms. The program will also help build high school network between Japan and Asia. Most importantly, this program will develop leaders who can bridge countries.

Japan is considered as one of the largest economy and is also popularly known as the country with one of the most interesting culture in Asia. With that, we believe that KAKEHASHI can provide our participants the exposure they need to better understand the culture, tradition, and way of life of the Asian community as well as the Japanese social values, virtues, and work ethics which are largely significant for a country to achieve great progress. We believe that participation in KAKEHASHI will lead to a positive trajectory geared towards the economic development of the participants home country.

Please note that there is no guarantee whether the applicant’s Academic Grades will be accredited upon his or her return in the Philippines.

Requirements and Qualification Guidelines can be accessed
in the Application form below.


All Applications will be reviewed on or before February 15, 2019.
Thus, please submit all needed requirements on February 15 at exactly 12 noon.