by Mrs. Leah Silvano

There are always unexpected things that come our way, and this is how I came to have another son despite having one already at home. Suddenly, I came to realize that home is not just a house or place where you can sleep and eat; but it is a place, no matter how little we have, where our hearts are full of love and affection we can give to the people who live in it. 

With my hosting experience, I learned that different cultural backgrounds didn’t matter at all because we can always be united as long as we meet challenges with a level head. Whatever sort of experiences that come along our way, we help one grow maturely – both the hosting and hosted participant learn and grow together. A lasting relationship is slowly building up amongst each other each passing day. 

My other son would be flying back soon to Germany and it makes me sad. With my two own children away from home, it makes the home quiet and sad, but God doesn’t want it that way, so he sent Antonio months before so we can all bond and blend together. At least I have 1 daughter left and 1 son to conquer plus, it left me lessons that I will remember forever.