written by: Mrs. Cynthia Rillera, Host Family from La Union

At first, I feel so scared to host a foreign participant because they are a stranger and I don’t know anything about their culture. On their first days with our family, we feel a bit awkward with each other but because they (Volkan 2016 & Carol 2018) know how to mingle and adjust we had a good relationship and I felt that I am a NANAY (mother) to them.

I learned a lot because most of the time we talk to know more about each other culture. Also, I’m very happy and lucky because of my fear of having them inside our home turns into gratefulness and happiness having them in the family because I consider them as my children.

When they went back to their country I felt so sad that I won’t be able to see them anymore, hoping they won’t forget me and our family, thank you AFS for that!