Upcoming public events

With our commitment to advance global citizenship education and expand access to
intercultural learning, the ICL FOR ALL will be a great avenue in performing these. This
initiative will foster awareness on the importance of both ICL and participating in
study abroad programs through inviting students pre-selected by our partner schools
within Metro Manila. Partner schools will be granted one of the provisions in the
signed Memorandum of Agreement which is conducting ICL workshop to its students
free of charge. The criteria in identifying students joining this event are as follows:

 highly motivated to know intercultural learning
 highly invested in participating in any of the AFS programs (non-sponsored)
 highly interested in becoming an active global citizen There will be at least 2-3
student representatives per partner school.

This event will only be conducted in the AFS IPP office for not less than 4 hours (on a
weekday). Only the workshop materials shall be spent in this activity.

Past events


‘Kapuso Campus Tour: The Regional Masterclass Series’

AFS Philippines upholds its mission of creating a more just and peaceful world through its collaboration with GMA Regional TV Network with the Regional Master Class Series dubbed as Kapuso Campus Tour. This initiative is line with the GMA’s advocacy of truthful and comprehensive coverage of 2019 Mid-Term Election through its partnership with seven top regional universities around the country.


ICL Workshop in Negros Occidental

As part of an organization that promotes global citizenship education, it is imperative for me to have the skills, knowledge and attitude to have cross-cultural understanding and tolerance.   ICL conducted by AFS gave me capacity and confidence to respond to global challenges and opportunities.


AFS IPP Congress 2018: The Role of the Global Citizens in Nation Building

AFS IPP launches its Vision 2020 with three impact goals: Promote Active Global Citizenship, Globalize Schools and Institutions and Expand Access to Intercultural Learning Opportunities.


Project HIVBeSt: Beating the Stigma

he Project HIVBeSt: Beating Stigma, held at the Activity Area of City Mall, Cotabato City, Maguindanao on December 29, 2018, is one of the changemaking projects created by YES alumni Philippines during the YES 15th Anniversary, funded by U.S. Embassy in Manila and UNO YSEALI.(Youth Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative at University of Nebraska at Omaha (YSEALI UNO) is an educational and cultural exchange program that builds the leadership capabilities of youth is ASEAN region).

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Project Picking Up The Pieces: The Rights and Needs of Children Affected

Our team has devised an intervention that would help in addressing the social stigma that comes along with having a loved one behind bars; as this stake negative effects in the mental health and the way of living of the dependent of the detainees.

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Campaign #IslamNotPhobia

#IslamNotPhobia is a campaign to counter Islamic prejudice and hate speech towards the Muslims in Iligan City and other communities in Mindanao as part of the Peer2Peer Facebook Global Digital Challenge. Peer2Peer is a digital challenge sponsored by EdVenture Partners in partnership with Facebook, Inc. Because of the siege that happened in Marawi, a neighboring city, on May 23, 2017, many Muslim residents of Marawi took refuge in Iligan.

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TESDA Community Outreach Program

Volunteers from Northwestern Visayan Colleges (NVC) Basic Education Department including Vivien Bozoti, AFS Participant from Hungary joins the Community Outreach program of TESDA Aklan last August 15, 2018 at our adopted Barangay New Buswang Kalibo, Aklan. All the TESDA accredited schools help each other to share their resources and skills in conducting feeding program to all kids of the day Care Center and orienting the parents for a livelihood program.

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Peer2Peer Facebook Global Digital Challenge

Alumna Aniyyah Fatmah A. Guinar (YES ’17) and his five colleagues on Team Pakigsandurot of Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology won third place out of 60 competing teams from around the world at the Peer2Peer Facebook Global Digital Challenge, held January 26 – 31 at George Washington University.

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Future Bridging Leadership Program

On January 25, Alumnus Johnson Badawi (YES ’11) graduated from the Future Bridging Leaders Program (FBLP), a year-long leadership development program and social innovation laboratory based on the core principles of the Bridging Leadership (BL) framework – that leaders bridge societal divides, rather than highlight and deepen them.

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Kadtiwalay: Envisioning Empowered and Holistic Family Living

They developed a project, called Kadtiwalay, which focuses on reproductive health and contraceptive use awareness among the male population of Datu Blach Sinsuat, Magunidanao. The project was recently selected for funding by Ideas Positive, a youth engagement program advocating for healthier communities.

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Philippine Intercultural Youth Convention 2019

For AFS Philippines it was a good opportunity to be part of the Philippine Intercultural Youth Convention 2019. The convention helped AFS to spread the message of peace initiatives through intercultural learning. This motivation increases the spirit of volunteerism and how it impacts the development of our youth. There were workshops and breakout sessions held and the delegates were actively raising topics in relation to peace-building cooperation of different cultures in the Philippines.

UP Back to School Fair 2019

AFS Programs team were given a chance to provide a closed-door session about intercultural learning. The target of the session is to educate future young professionals to deeply understand the relevance of intercultural learning for their future work opportunities. It was fulfilling to see that all these students were opening their minds to plan for their career paths ahead of time and use intercultural learning as a tool to become aware of different global responsibilities.


AFS Poland IV Academy and Volunteers’ Ball

Volunteer initiative is the soul of AFS. A commitment that never last from its past up until today, AFS believes that helping each other to grow with a special purpose is a way to build a peaceful world. In line with the AFS International Volunteer initiative, AFS Philippines became part of the AFS Poland IV Academy and Volunteers’ Ball together with Russia, India, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Sweden. An opportunity is given from the participant a special workshops that would integrate their capability to become effective volunteers.

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2019 AFS Alumni Reception

The night’s discussions and ideas indeed inspires the alumni in the way that they could further do in making their community, the world a better place. Our alumni’s stories of successes in their exchange program have inspired everyone in the room. We have learned about the great work they are doing in their own platforms that create positive change, we have been impressed by how their exchange program made a huge impact within them. The discussions were lively and interactive as they gave their valuable feedback and suggestions for the betterment of AFS Philippines Volunteer Programs.


School Visit and Orientation in Naga City

The team conducted a whole day orientation in Naga College Foundation which was attended by school personnel and teachers. A very fulfilling success that will help schools to expand their education for intercultural learning.


Consortium Meeting in Albania

The YES Consortium Meeting was held in Albania and tackled several topics and issues that focused on the development of the YES Program. It includes the improvement of YES application, increase of recruitment, changes in program details, and support for YES participants with disabilities. It is a good privilege in boosting our partnership with other YES international members. A way to express our active participation with international partners which can completely integrate our YES Programs.


YES National Selection and Orientation Camp

58 students, including 2 visually impaired, coming from Muslim significant communities in the Philippines were gathered to participate in the last selection process of Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Abroad Program funded through the U.S. Department of State and sponsored by the Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs (ECA).

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AFS One Classroom Initiative

Under the AFS One Classroom Initiative, AFS Philippines have partnered with AFS China to conduct the first Virtual Class Exchange Live Session here in the Philippines, which was held between Global Innovative College (GIC) and Beijing Yanqing No. 1 Vocational High School last October 10, 2019. Both classes shared facets of their respective cultures as an introductory topic for this first exchange. 

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ICL Workshop in Davao

Around 50 students and educators were present during the ICL Level W Workshop conducted on October 12, 2019. The said event was held at Ateneo De Davao University, and was co-presented by the AFS IPP Davao Community Volunteers.

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Global Conference in Montreal, Canada

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AFS Once Classroom Initiative in China

Representatives from AFS International, China, Philippines, India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong attended the 2019 China Annual Conference for International Education & Expo, where we were given updates regarding the AFS One Classroom Initiative’s progress.

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YES Abroad Language Camp

For three days, the students were able to learn about the Filipino language and culture and practice their Filipino writing and speaking skills by learning the basic grammar and singing Filipino children’s songs. To showcase what they have learned throughout the 3-day camp, the participants had a Talent Show where they sang Filipino songs.

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Students from Infant Jesus Academy Marikina & Antipolo campuses, Lyceum of the Philippines Laguna and Cavite campuses, and Global Innovative Colleges attended the ICL for All, an intercultural learning workshop held last October 25 at the AFS IPP National Office. #itsallworthit

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