Reasons to attend the AFS IPP Congress 2018

  1. Get to know the Global Citizenship Education Movement.

2. Present and Advance Your Advocacy towards Global Citizenship and Nation Building.


3. Collaborate and Engage in a Multicultural Environment.


4.  Build a Global Connection.

Fees and Registrations

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What to expect at the AFS IPP Congress 2018


1. Global Competence as an essential 21st century skill  To define the importance of global competence as an edge in the 21st workforce.


2. Empowering secondary and tertiary school teachers – To provide various sessions highlighting methodologies to integrate global citizenship education to diversify classroom settings.


3. Defining Global Competence in higher education and professional development – To solicit discussion in order to formulate truly intercultural learning environments, programs, and curricular that foster global competence and cross-cultural collaboration in higher education, NGOs, and professional settings.


4. Global Competence in non-formal education – To feature some of the most innovative approaches to global competence education through the use of state-of-the-art methodologies, study abroad programs, virtual exchange, blended learning opportunities, and more.


5. Aligning all stakeholders – To provide an avenue for a meaningful alignment and collaboration among policymakers, funders, employers, educators, students, diverse local communities, and others in order to foster and advocate a powerful tool to help the world live together.

Meet the speakers who will lead this collaboration


Discover Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

Dumaguete is a city in the province of Negros Oriental, Philippines. It is the capital, principal seaport, and largest city of Negros Oriental. The city has earned the distinction of being known as “The Center of Learning in the South,” or a “University Town” due to the presence of these universities (Foundation University, Silliman University, and St. Paul University of Dumaguete) that have made their mark nationally and abroad. The city’s ambiance and tranquil, moderate way of life make it conducive to learning and intellectual pursuits.

The AFS IPP Congress will take place at “The City of Gentle People” – where delegates will be offered an unforgettable experience and knowledge in the city who has become the melting pot of students and professionals.

Explore Dumaguete

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  • Do I need to be an AFS staff, student or alumnus to attend?
    No, it is an international public event offered to students, educators, and public attendees.
  • Do I need to register to attend? Yes. The registration link is here.

  • Can I bring a school group? Yes. You can invite as many as you can as long as you pre-register.

  • Age Requirement. There is no age requirement, high school students, educators and young and adult professionals are invited.

  • If Minor, are there other conditions? The minor should be a bonafide student of a registered school. We will require school ID from student participants.

  • Payment on site? We accept payment prior to the conduct of the event. If this is not possible for you, kindly contact [email protected] for further details.

  • Refund? Once payment is made and confirmed, we do not allow refund for cancellation or any case of absence to the event.

  • Type of Payments? Payment should be deposited thru our BPI Account: 2431008427 (AFS Philippines). Should this not be possible, kindly contact [email protected] for arrangement.

  • Requirements during the registration? ID? etc.? Kindly bring proof of identification such as government-issued ID or other related documents as well as the final confirmation (printed or electronic copy) which we will send to the confirmed participants.

  • What can I expect when I attend one of your events? You will have the opportunity: 1. Gain a deeper understanding of global citizenship education; 2. Increase your intercultural learning competencies; 3. Enhance your leadership skills; 4. Increase your awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on the Philippines; 5. Network with likeminded individuals and organizations who promotes global citizenship education, youth leadership, SDGs.

  • How can I interact with others watching the event? You can talk to other participants during the various sessions of the event. We will also utilize our social media accounts thru various hashtags which will be announced prior and during the event. Most importantly, we will have a Cultural Night where you can have the opportunity to socialize with fellow participants, speakers, and organizers.

  • Can I take photographs during the event? Yes. Just make sure that all photos will not violate the right to privacy of the participants.

  • Can I bring food and drink with me to the event? Yes. Just make sure that it will not disrupt you or your seatmate during the sessions. However, we encourage participants to try the local delicacies in the community. 

  • Where can I go for a drink or bite to eat before or after the event? There will be several exhibit and food kiosks near the venue where you can grab a drink or bite. You can also try the local restaurants in the area.

  • Parking? We cannot guarantee parking space near the venue. There are limited parking area in the venues since these are universities. 

  • What to wear? We encourage participants to be in their comfortable, smart casual attire during the sessions and wear any cultural attire during the Cultural Night.