How do you make your volunteers to formally commit with the Organization?

This stage is the most formal and administrative of the AFS Volunteer Journey. Once a potential volunteer makes the decision to volunteer with AFS, it is time to formalize the commitment.

From the AFS side, we need the new volunteer to register in Global Link, in addition to any local/national volunteering paperwork and requirements.

From the volunteer side, AFS offers a token of membership to the volunteer. This is something tangible (a pin, permanent luggage tag, or shirt, among other items). It should be something meaningful to the new volunteer.

Steps to Consider

The following are some questions to think about as you manage this stage:

  • What could be the best way to register a volunteer on AFS Global? Or, how can we make sure all new volunteers get registered on AFS Global
  • What (if any) additional requirements exist for volunteers in your country? Background checks, references, etc.
  • How long does each part of the registration process take? What is the quickest someone can make it through the full process? This should be your local goal.

Voices from the Network

We asked our partners: Can you map the registration process your volunteers go through? Is this process effective to engage volunteers?

AFS Turkey

A small pin makes a miracle plus, it is a promotion. There’s no need to invest too much money into commercials if you have people around walking with your branded shirts, bags, etc.. ” 

AFS New Zealand

“During this stage, we invite the person to complete our basic online training. In this training, we have incorporated compliance aspects (police forms as well as a volunteer code of conduct) and learn more about AFS. When they finish the training they get a certificate and are put in touch with the chapter.”

AFS Dominican Republic

Regarding the token, we usually give it to the volunteers that attend a National Activity or Training, as a sign of their commitment.”

The last Stage of Engagement:

  1. Induction