AFS Asia Pacific Initiative (AAI) members from China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea and the Philippines gathered at the “AAI Program & Standards Guideline Seminar” in Manila last August 21-26, 2017.


Two trainers were tasked by AAI to lead the said seminar, Tami Muto hails from Japan and played various roles in AFS Japan. Currently, she is one of their advisors — working closely with legal counsel, medical unit, and risk management team. Bert Vercamer who is AFS International’s Program Innovation head, working with 18+ programs, Sentio Global Education network and the Global Competence Certificate.


The seminar provided the attendees an increased knowledge on: (a) planning process, (b) program standards, and (c) risk management. It also helps them understand what tools and platforms are available for program staff to improve their work and streamline processes in their respective offices. This also serves as an avenue for them to share best practices and improve their communication between partners, understand each other’s role as part of their team, and in the wider network of AFS.