Making data-informed decisions

Assessments help us to understand which skills and knowledge our volunteers are acquiring through their experiences. Which are beneficial both for the Organization and the volunteer to be able to verbalize their learning and development advances.

Verbalizing transferable skills to employers or educational institutions is a significant and often under-appreciated benefit to assessment. Assessments also give feedback on a volunteer’s preparedness for advanced training or more technical roles.

All assessments must have a clear and actionable objectiveOnce the data is collected from the assessments, the next step is analysis and reflection on the results to form a strategy for how to utilize the newly acquired insights.

Learn more about why Assessment is important in the below video:

Steps to Consider

Analyze the following aspects when customizing this stage:

  • Does your organization have this process? Can you describe to us what do you do?
    If not, do you foresee obstacles to develop similar process?
  • How do you personally feel about assessment, in general? in AFS?
  • What is your experience with assessments? Have you found them useful? If so, which assessments were most useful?
  • What assessments might be relevant to each of the different motivational profiles? Below are some possible examples:

The last Stage of Participation:

  1. Retention