It will be another fruitful year for AFS students, as AFS IPP welcomes them to their journey as being part of the growing global community.  As part of the AFS mission to promote intercultural learning in creating a diverse world, here they are today, these foreign participants are equipped with determination and perseverance along with the paramount goals of AFS.  Through the guidance of our Filipino host families, these foreign students will not just discover the richness of Filipino culture but also the willingness of Filipinos to live in a peaceful world.  Each of them will have the chance to see what the Philippines is and what is the feeling to be a Filipino.

Each of them was called “Ambassadors of Global Citizenship”, they will prepare themselves for learning and be sharing different knowledge through building a good relationship with the locals. It is expected that they will face different challenges but, in every challenge, there are big chances of survival as long as they are willing to reach their goals.  As we look towards these challenges, these will impact their lives as a being and making them better person in the future.

AFS Experience as we know it is the outcome of their experience from the things they have taught and learned. We, in AFS IPP, are hoping that this year will be a successful year for our dear participants. A year that will make changes as their journey starts in intercultural learning and through peacebuilding.