Be a member of Global Community

An AFS School Club can engage in promoting the benefits and aims of international intercultural exchange through various initiatives such as but not limited to:

(a) inculcating the spirit of volunteerism;
(b) working with and supporting young people on an exchange;
(c) helping young people all over the world to become future leaders;
(d) enabling active citizen service to build a sustainable community; and
(e) invigorating cultural understanding to individuals, groups and community levels.

Structure, Roles and Responsibilities

AFS School Club is established within the partner school and is under the direct supervision of the Volunteer and Chapter Development Program of the National Office. It is comprised of school-affiliated volunteers functioning as Council of Advisors, Moderator, Officers and Members. Working together with the AFS School Club is a province-based community volunteers composed of non-school affiliated individuals and AFS alumni committed to the mission of the organization.

Council of Advisors

  • To provide support and guidance to the club in order to ensure stability and consistency term-after-term.
  • To share their gifts in service to the mission by providing the organization with their professional expertise, diverse knowledge of constituent perspective, connections to local, national or international resources, colleagues or peers and philanthropic support or other forms of needed assistance.
  • To review and be familiar with the club’s constituiton, procedures, and skills necessary for conducting effective meetings and providing guidance to decision-making of the club.


  • To assume all executive responsibilities of the club and serve as the chief spokesperson and contact with National Office.
  • To offer students opportunities to exercise initiative, judgement, and leadership skills and to enjoy a measure of autonomy in self-directed social, educational, cultural, and recreational activities in accordance with the AFS mission.
  • To be present a club and organization meetings. Other procedural matters concerning AFS School Club guidelines for on and off campus activities should be understood as well.
  • To ensure that the club is financially responsible. The moderator is ultimately responsible foe checking and balancing budget.
  • To be available to sign all forms as needed by the clubs. Forms include, but are not limited to event, fundaraiser, etc.
  • To be available to the members of the club. They may need advice, guidance, or just an ear to bounce ideas off.


  • The President is the overall in-charge to ensure that all decisions and activities as agreed by the Council of Advisors and the Moderator is carried out and disseminated among members correctly and completely.
  • The Sending Coordinator deals with all concerns of the sending programs such as but not limited to distribution of promotional materials, interview with interested participants and family, selection camps, and checking the need for assistance in application process, and ensure participants attend all required orientations.
  • Hosting Coordinator is responsible for all activities of host participants ranging from searching host families, matching participants to host family, and conducting interviews and orientations. The hosting coordinator working with the liaison coordinator will also be responsible of supporting host families throughout their AFS journey.
  • The Volunteer and Community Development (VolDev) Coordinator is in control of activities on recruitment and growth of volunteers, updating volunteer and alumni database and engagement of alumni to AFS events.


  • To participate and provide support in all activities of the club.
  • To abide by all policies and regulations of the organizations.

Selection Process for Members

  • In general, AFS do not discriminate any individual interested in volunteering. Considering the significant role of the organization in the community, certain qualifications are set to ensure the delivery of quality services. A community volunteer and motivated, and with good moral character.
  • An AFS School Club member is any individual from the partner school including students, teachers, and non-teaching staff.
  • A student member should be at least 15 years old, with good academic standing, good moral character, and not a member of more than three (3) school organizations.
  • While a moderator should be motivated and committed to volunteer, and preferably with at least two years in service.

AFS Community

The AFS Community serves as the secondary support system of AFS IPP in carrying out the organization’s mission through expanding access to intercultural learning programs guided by the institutionalization of non-traditional fund development program. In the process, inculcating the spirit of volunteerism and fostering cultural understanding amongst communities.

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Procedure in Selecting Members, Activities and Programs

  • Recruitment
  • Application
  • Admission
  • Participation

Working Together : The Process


MOA Signing

  • AFS IPP sends a copy of MOA Template to school for interview and approval.
  • AFS IPP send back a notarized copy of the MOA to the partner school.

Establishment of AFS School Club

  • AFS IPP sends the AFS School Club Manual to the partner school.
  • Partner school submits the list of officers, members, GPOA, and other documents as cited in the manual.


  • AFS IPP conducts a virtual or in-person orientation.

Program Implementation

  • Partner school implements the GPOA and other related educational activities.

Benefits of being a Partner School

  1. Developing active global citizens in the academic community by sending students and educators in an intercultural exchange programs.
  2. Visible internationalization of the academic community by hosting foreign students, educators and volunteers.
  3. Establishing a school-based organization which caters to the international activities, global educational opportunities and professional advancement of the academic community.
  4. Providing tools and avenues to ensure the integration of global citizenship education into the academic curriculum.

Partner Schools