Selection Process for Members

Being an AFS volunteer is a one-of-a-kind, life-changing journey. Below is the recommended procedure in selecting member volunteers for the AFS School Club.

  • An alumni coordinator is a resident of the province. An alumni should be committed and motivated, and with good moral character. Preference is given to those who have been actively involved in the alumni community for at least two years.

Structure, Roles and Responsibilities

The AFS Alumni Community is established within a province and is under the direct supervision of the Volunteer and Chapter Development Program of the National Office. It is composed of active alumni that serves as ambassadors of AFS programs.

Alumni Coordinator

  • The Alumni Coordinator ensures that all alumni within the community are informed of the activities and events within the AFS Community while the alumni initiatives with that of the the school club.
  • The alumni coordinator is also responsible for initiating fundraising activities through the engagement of alumni.


  • To participate and provide support in all activities of the community.
  • To abide by all policies and regulations.

Procedure in Selecting Members, Activities and Programs


  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover Letter
  • Information Sheet


  • Confirmation
  • Orientation


  • Congress
  • Forums
  • Program Implementation
  • Proposal Submission


  • Officership Renewal
  • Letter of Intent by the Volunteer and Community Development (Voldev)

Activities and Programs

  • Non-Fund Traditional Development
  • External Partnership
  • Congress and Forums
  • Trainings and Orientations
  • Grant Orientation