The KL-YES Intensive English Language Workshop was held for the 15th batch of YES Program scholars that will fly to different parts of America this year. It was prepared in order to help them to practice and enhance their knowledge of the English Language. It was a 5-day event especially prepared for them not just to learn, but also to help them interact with their fellow exchange students.

When the scholars arrived in Manila, they went straight for the orientation. After that, one of the interns led the GTKY (getting-to-know-you) game called ‘line up’. It helped the scholars to know each one of them better and it showed how they really enjoyed the game.

In the evening, the staff led the game called ‘human chair’ to challenge them on how they would exercise team work and trust towards their leaders. Eventually, after failing three times, they have succeeded on their fourth try. After dinner, to cap off the day, the scholars prepare for their visa requirements and U.S. Visa in-person interview.

The next day, the scholars had a conversation and confidence workshop with the representative and interns from the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines. They had different activities prepared for them such as creating their own board games and sharing their views about the life of a typical American high school student. The scholars also had the chance to ask the Interns from the U.S. Embassy about how they will cope up and what will they be expecting during their stay in the United States.

After that activity, they took Initial Language Skill Test facilitated by Ms. Marjorie. Lastly, the scholars also took Improving Reading Comprehension test and Writing English Skills Enhancement.

It was on Wednesday that the scholars took ‘How To Improve Your English Listening Skills’ test and had an activity to listen to movie soundtracks which they had to guess what movie it came from. And they also took Improving your ‘English Speaking And Pronunciation Skills’ test and had an activity to listen to some certain songs that are assigned to them.

The scholars had to talk in front about their interpretation on these songs. Ms. Marjorie talked about ‘Simulation Exercises To Facilitate Learning’, then they had a question and answer portion regarding themselves.

The most fun part, they celebrated the 4th of July with the AFS IPP staff.

On the following day, the scholars went to the U.S. Embassy for the U.S. visa-in person interview. They also had a cultural photo opportunity, both individually and by group.

To sum up, the Intensive English Language Workshop really helped the scholars to improve their English Language skills. The activities also helped them to speak comfortably with one another which shows how successful the whole workshop was.