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AFS IPP Congress 2018: The Role of Global Citizens in Nation Building

AFS IPP Congress is centered on the results of the series of educator assemblies held throughout the country and the purpose of gathering students, educators and other citizens from various sectors to create awareness on how intercultural learning, global citizenship, volunteerism, and leadership play vital roles in shaping responsible citizens to create a progressive society. For more details, click here.

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Let the AFS IPP Congress be the starting point!

This international event aims to convene students, educators, policymakers, NGOs, business and community leaders to tackle The Role of Global Citizens in Nation Building. These stakeholders will gather to learn from each other and collaborate on the shared agenda of promoting and effecting Global Citizenship Education across all sectors.

The learning track for the AFS IPP Congress follows a two-level phase that intends to increase awareness and consequently result to taking actions in matters concerning global competence, global citizenship and nation building in the 21 st century. There will also be opportunities to network with likeminded individuals and organizations, present project proposals to a panel of grantors, and participate in an exhibit of notable projects and practices.

Come, learn, collaborate and debate global competence at this unique gathering of educators, policymakers, business leaders, social entrepreneurs and NGOs.

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